1-1 Coaching

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What is 1-1 coaching?

Coaching is a process that helps you to develop self awareness and learn what is holding you back from achieving what you really want, whatever your age or stage in life. During confidential one to one conversations, you will work on what matters most and acquire the skills needed to be your own coach.   

Why you might be considering some coaching...

We all have moments in our personal and professional lives when we feel overwhelmed and ‘stuck’. Something changes and we have lost our natural ability to cope. It can be quite a shock if you are normally self -sufficient and know what you want and how to achieve it.


These feelings of being overwhelmed can be the reaction to significant changes:

  • home-life responsibilities such as childcare and/or care for older relatives

  • increased demands at work

  • fear of redundancy

  • loss of financial security

  • retirement and its consequences 

If any of these statements resonate with you and you want clarity and a clear sense of direction then coaching is perfect for you.

Over the years I have developed an array of tools and techniques to use with my clients. Everyone is unique and has different life experiences and the approach I take is mindful of this.

My commitment to you is:- 

'You will have a voice and be heard' 

I actively listen in order to understand your needs and ask occasional questions for clarity

but it is your agenda not mine

'You will be supported in a safe environment ' 

I will work in partnership with you and encourage you all the way. What is discussed will always be confidential and you will be treated with respect and without judgement.     

Service Fees

You can book a FREE 30 minute telephone session by sending me an email to claire@compassionatecoach.co.uk

Local community concessions available - Face to face or via Zoom

Call Claire for Business and Personal 1-1 fees.