Claire Levey compassionate coach

About Me


MBA. B.Ed (Hons), ILM Level 7 Diploma in Leadership, Mentoring & Executive Coaching, 

Advanced Grief Recovery Method specialist

It is really important to choose the right specialist for you. There are many out there to choose from. If you want someone authentic, non-judgemental, who has weathered life's ups and downs and will always puts YOU at the heart of the conversation then please read on …..

I’ve been a coach for over 25 years working alongside company directors, managers and individual private clients in and around London. 

I moved to Devon for a more balanced life. I reduced my working day and it was idyllic for a short while. Sadly and suddenly my life turned upside down and I had to face sudden and traumatic loss from losing family members and close friends. I couldn't support myself let alone clients.  I took 'time out' to seek professional help. I received superb support from a bereavement counsellor but after a while more grief surfaced and I needed more structured input. A friend recommended the Grief Recovery Method.  This wellbeing programme helped to unlock pain from the past and enabled me to thrive again.

It changed my life so much I trained as a certified specialist to support grievers face to face in West Devon and East Kent. My Advanced Specialist status allows me to offer online support anywhere in the world. 





If you feel overwhelmed as a result of recent loss, too many changes in your life or have never allowed yourself to grieve fully in the past - ACT NOW.   

Please click on Grief Recovery Method and start this life changing learning experience.